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PhD program provides broad-based training for research careers

Application to the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs (MBS and PhD) are through the ApplyWeb electronic system.  The link at the left will take you to this system.  Several important points you should be aware of prior to completing the online application include:

During the application process, you will be requested to pay an application fee.  You may do this using a credit card; however, if you are applying for the Biomedical Sciences PhD program, this fee will be waived.  On application  page 5, you will see a box “For Office Use Only”.  In that box you should enter a fee-waiver code that can be obtained from the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs office (803-733-3100) or

Upon entering the ApplyWeb system, you will be asked to create an account. After logging into your account, you need to select the program of interest from a list of all graduate programs at the University of South Carolina.  It is very important that you apply to the correct program.  The program you need to apply for is under “Medicine-Graduate” and is “Biomedical Science-PhD” or

“Biomedical Science-MS”. 

When you have submitted your application, please send us an e-mail to let us know you have applied ( or

After completing the application, there are additional items that need to be addressed (please see the “Follow-Up” link to the left).